Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5--Mir

So John pulled up his courage and faced the monkeys with a cold hard stare. In return, they gazed back, unblinking, with their, still stone gaze.

They stared and they stared for hours, and the hours slowly creeped into days. They stared for ten whole days, each side unrelenting. On the tenth day, the monkeys began to twitch slightly, and shift their positions on their posts, but John remained steadfast and maintained his stare upon them.

Finally, the monkeys could not take it any more and realized they had been defeated in the staring contest. All of their pent-up energy exploded, and they lept out of their seats and went flying into the tops of the trees.

Now John could grab the little twerp with the chocolate,and even though he knew the monkeys had diverted him with the little girl, he could still see the blue bird flying in the distance, carrying the girl hundreds of feet above the ground...

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